Perseid Meteor Shower at Mt Soledad

Fallen Stars | Perseid Meteor Shower at Mt Soledad

The day I made this photo, I was a bit tired because on the two prior nights I stayed up late to shoot the Milky Way at the coast and then I had a long night judging for a photo competition. So I didn't want to travel far to shoot the Perseids. I was also wanted to see if I could capture them within the city. So I did some research and it seemed like astronomers thought the brighter meteors would still be visible within cities despite the light pollution.

After some brainstorming, I decided to head to Mount Soledad with a few friends. I thought the chance of getting some good meteors was a bit low (last year when I shot the Perseids in Cuyamaca I only got 3 after a whole night), but you never know.

When I got to the memorial, I was trying to figure out where to shoot from. I could shoot towards the north / north-east where the radiant was located but there was a bright flag in the way and the horizon was polluted with city lights. In the end, I decided to shoot west away from the radiant and toward the darker skies over the ocean.

Note: Photo taken 8/12/18. This is a composite of 5 images, one for each meteor, each with the exact size and position as originally seen.