California Tower, Balboa Park, San Diego

Through the trees | California Tower, Balboa Park, San Diego

I first discovered this spot about a year ago as I was walking home from Balboa Park. I love the way the California tower and dome peak through the trees like a scene out of a fairy tale. Since then, I've been here probably over a dozen times trying to get a shot. I tried everything including sunrise, sunset, blue hour, cloudy days, and various night shots. Nothing really worked for me though.

However on this day I noticed that while the sky was mostly clear, there were a lot of clouds in the east and I thought there might be some small chance of success. So even though I was still pretty tired from a recent trip to Death Valley I came out here for sunset. The clouds in the east were a little too low but fortunately the wind blew in clouds from the coast. The clouds weren't very large but they were perfectly positioned behind the tower and caught the last rays of sunlight.