Torrey Pines Beach, San Diego

Holy Cow, The Waves are Glowing | Torrey Pines Beach, San Diego

I was one of the very first photographers to catch the bioluminescence occuring off the coast of San Diego in May 2018. The was shot was from the first night (5/7/18) when the effect was by far the strongest and occuring closest to shore. I hiked a few miles down the beach to a secluded spot and stood out on this rock for several hours trying to catch the glowing waves just right. This picture was then picked up by many national news organizations and you may have seen it there.

Note: I want to be very clear that this is a single exposure with only minor edits in Lightroom and a fix of some small distortion in the horizon (it wasn't perfectly level). It is not a composite and this is exactly how I saw the luminescence that evening. The colors were literally the same as a blue light saber from Star Wars. I have seen pictures of the bioluminescence from other photographers that have blended waves from different images into in a composite (some of these were even picked up by news stations who sadly either did not care or did not verify the authenticity of the scene).

Note 2: If you order a print of this image, it will be grainy. That is an unavoidable consequence of the darkness of the scene.